About us

If you didn't know us before, you will feel like you do 
in two minutes!


Lynsey, Jules and Inge set up the creative and marketing agency that we call The Wonderland in 2009.

We brought our experience from past agencies and client-side with us and decided we wanted to run an agency on our terms.

Nottingham seemed like the right location as it was the centre point in between our homes, not to mention a hotbed of creativity.

No Dragons Den, no VC, we did it all on a shoestring right at the start of the recession and a mindset of having nothing to lose and everything to gain. We gave it three months initially, but we've never looked back, really.

Bringing together creative marketing, strategic marketing, creativity and photography, we worked like trojans in our first year to support clients such as Tesco Mobile and Thorntons. 

In our second year, we won our first award, the NMA Effectiveness Award in the Retail category, for our success with Thorntons. It was onwards and upwards from there. Clients such as 3M Healthcare and Bennetts Insurance joined us and we expanded our team.

In our second year we won our first award, the NMA Effectiveness Award in the Retail category

Over the years, we've been fortunate enough to work with some fantastic brands. Likewise, we've delighted clients such as First Utility, Derby University and Attraction World with our ideas, agility and ability to bend over backwards, as well as provide moons on sticks and invent new colours! 

With our success we expanded the office, grew our client list to include Alstom, Citipost Mail, Lily O'Brien's, Vanilla Reindeer and Serve, and hired more wonderful people to support them. There are now seven of us and we have no plans to stop there. 

We're a fun bunch, but deadly serious about good creative, design for function and engaging campaigns. Our clients love us, which makes us work all the harder; they were instrumental in us getting a further effectiveness award from the Recommended Agency Register (now The Drum) in 2017.

We thrive on a culture of sugar, 4 o'clock Fridays, 10-minute challenges, sharing all our problems (really) and having everyone in the same room – it fuels creativity like nothing else!

We love what we do and can't think of anything better than helping businesses and brands succeed with great ideas and creative.