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Too much or too little, where do you start? With us of course!

Maybe one of the questions you need to ask yourself is
brand 'Revolution or Evolution'? 

Brand doesn't mean branding, it's not making the bits around your logo look pretty. Brand is about the perception a company or person can create in others' minds (what a company wants them to think and feel). Good or bad this is what will support a company's identity and ultimately underpin what a company or person stands for. This can also evolve and change depending on a company's or brand's behaviour.

How a brand conducts itself, delivers its message, targets its audience or influences how the purchaser behaves is all part of the process. In this day and age, a company doing any form of marketing can no longer hide. If a company wants to be seen, heard or be ahead of its competitors, then it has to accept that its target audience will have its say. And this could have a positive and negative affect if not managed well.

Creating an identity for a client is only a small part of what we do.

Creating an identity for a client is only a small part of what we do. Yep, of course we can create a clever logo, well come on, most agencies and freelancers can! However it's the bigger picture that needs addressing too. Companies such a 'Citipost Mail' and 'Serve' are good examples of how we have worked with clients to deliver more than just a logo. Working together, they soon realised a logo is not the be-all and end-all of how a company looks.

Serve logo application
Serve logo application
Serve logo application

To be fair, how many companies realise their team's and employees' behaviours effect a brand? Or how they deal with a complaint? Even an acquisition or retention strategy can change things!  It's the whole customer journey and every channel or touch point a brand has with its audience. This however also comes down to budget and whether a company can embrace change. For those that can't (or won't), be prepared, because your competitors will leave you behind! After all, Blockbusters should have been the next Netflix!

Logo for Jenny Farr’s Diamond Appel, in aid of NSPCC, as designed by The Wonderland

We help companies think about their business model, longevity, budget (small or large) and we ask the tough questions. We are there every step of the way! It doesn't have to be scary, it can be planned, phased and thought through. There are always quick wins and then the longer game; we want results as much as you do, and a client's budget needs to be spent effectively.

Vanilla Reindeer logo with Humphrey, the ‘face’ of the brand

Creating a good brand experience is not only the aesthetics, it's about what a company stands for, what makes them unique. How it's rolled out, delivered to and managed externally with the audience and bought into by the team internally, The Wonderland can help with all this. Just remember, because a company wants to be seen as 'hip' and very now for the 20 somethings', if the behaviour of the brand and its targeting is off, then a company has not delivered on its promise and therefore can have the opposite effect!  

the Attractiontix logo and the floridatix logo, as created by The Wonderland

So where we started was Evolution or Revolution, right? Part of the process is: Do you need 'new everything'? If you are a start up, you need a new something! If you are an existing brand, maybe it's just a tickle or a "Hell yeah, wow we need help!". It could even be a "You know what, we never thought of things that way before", kinda-meeting! Whichever the route, we are ready and maybe we'll bring that whole new perspective on delivering your brand! You know, the one you didn't know (or think) you needed?

The Singing Hans logo, designed by The Wonderland

Some more brands we've created or evolved and enhanced...

the Johnson Tidsall logo, an evolution
the Johnson Tidsall logo, an evolution
the Johnson Tidsall logo, an evolution
the Opportunity Nottingham logo, an evolution
the Bennetts Bike Insurance logo, an evolution