Digital marketing,
here to stay

Making consumers more demanding and marketing more measurable.


A world without digital marketing is now almost unimaginable! What did we do before we had email or mobile phones, never mind social media?

For starters, people in the UK are using ten times more mobile data than six years ago!1

For businesses and individuals alike, digital has brought as many opportunities as challenges, especially for the non-digitally native whose customers have grown up in a digital world. Expectations are high and getting higher, and companies must deliver or prepare to fail. In fact, 52% of customers are less likely to engage with the company because of bad mobile experience.1

From a marketing perspective, digital channels have provided The Wonderland with fantastic assignments to bring brands to life, improve the customer experience, engage with customers and frankly, get to know them better.

This has led to us finding out that people are starting to get to know their neighbours again through parcel delivery (Citipost Mail), how to increase average order value at Thorntons and that Irish consumers are better sharers than UK consumers (Lily O'Brien's).

Lily O’Brien’s digital marketing campaign, as created by The Wonderland


Digital success

We love the trackability of digital marketing. In fact, we've won two awards with our digital successes. The first was an NMA award for Effectiveness in Retail, when we created the user experience for Thornton's Alphabet truffles. The second was with Recommended Agencies (now The Drum), for Effectiveness!

Since 2010, social media and content marketing have become more prominent channels for The Wonderland within the overall digital mix and we support clients like Lily O'Brien's and Vanilla Reindeer with community management and content creation.


Did you know?

Although digital is a big part of our business, our roots lie in the 'traditional' channels, print, packaging, in-store, events and direct mail. So you see, we're allrounders! It also means that we look at all customer touch points, rather than digital only. Handy, right?