Omni-channel, marketing
from the customer's perspective

The customer experience according to consumers.


Buzz-word alert! Yes, we're talking about omni-channel marketing.

The difference with previous 'buzz words' like integrated, multi-channel or cross-channel marketing is that omni-channel marketing looks at the overall marketing experience from the consumer's perspective, not the operations department's or the marketing agency's.

On the path that consumers follow to, for example, make a purchase a.k.a. the 'customer journey', consumers flit between devices, channels and expect a seamless experience. We know, because apart from marketers and designers we are all consumers too and do exactly the same!

Examples are viewing a product in-store, while checking out competitor prices online. Or phoning a company's helpline while booking a flight online. Or asking our mobile devices for the nearest restaurant while checking out the customer ratings. And although consumers think nothing of it, creating a seamless experience requires an entirely different way of thinking, planning and executing for businesses and agencies alike.

And it will become more complicated. New communications channels are added to the mix yearly and businesses have to review and expand their channel mix constantly to make sure they are where their customers are and figure out how their expectations have changed. Because of this pressure, it's important to look at each new channel as part of the journey, rather than as a stand-alone channel and just giving it the brand make-over.

3M cross-divisional Workplace Safety campaign, as created by The Wonderland

For example, when we worked with The Happy Egg Co. the launch of their Facebook channel meant not just a new means of creating brand awareness. It had a huge impact on their customer service team, because it was an easy channel for customers to complain and ask questions. We worked with the marketing and customer service team to create an effective and efficient response mechanism for Facebook, based on customers and consumers' concerns. Pro-actively, we focused on education around potentially sensitive issues such as egg safety and the health of the hens.


Did you know?

Research by Aberdeen Group shows that companies with well-defined omni-channel customer experience management programs achieve a 91% higher year-over-year increase in customer retention rate on average, compared to organizations without omni-channel programs.1

The Wonderland is helping clients deliver an omni-channel marketing approach to their customers. We also write about it in our blog. Our post "Does your toilet let down your brand?" talks about brands providing a seemingly consistent experience which is subsequently wiped out by them forgetting one small, but important touch point.

If omni-channel marketing isn't an agenda point in your meetings, call The Wonderland and we'll help you put it top of your agenda.