Analytics support our work

Criss-crossing channels is the new route to purchase. 
Doing it well is the route to loyalty.


Just like our clients, we want to know whether our ideas and campaigns are having an impact.

We don't just do awesome creative, we do results. Those we can learn from, develop new theories from, and test and learn our way to success where we're trying different things.

Google Analytics and social media analytical tools give us the power to make sense of the wave of data that comes our way with every campaign or activity. After all, getting the learnings and planning next steps straight is the path to success! 

Social is an 'always on' channel so monthly reporting is a must. That way, we can make changes quickly if needed. Of course, we also keep an eye on our clients' competitors! And, if our clients' customer journeys are in need of improvement, we use analytics, research and best practice to help them shape a better experience. In short, we couldn't run The Wonderland without analytics!

Lily O'Brien's, the Irish chocolatier, is one example. For them, monthly analytics reports are super-important to understand sales performance in key seasons, social impact on sales and the performance of non-sales led social activity. On top of that, we measure the impact of prize draws, content marketing and any changes in branding.

For clients such as Citipost Mail, we track the effectiveness of their content marketing on SEO and visits. In turn, the results have helped us shape the right content in the most engaging format!

The result on the day was a nearly 43% increase year-on-year in attendees...

Another example is Vanilla Reindeer, for whom we optimise formats and placements based on performance, as well as learnings on types of promotions and prize draws. We couldn't do this without analytical tools!

Tracking of digital activity is easy as long as you plan ahead. How about non-digital campaigns? The Open Day of Bilborough College, Nottingham, for example. The day was promoted cross-channel. The result on the day was a nearly 43% increase year-on-year in attendees (and potential students), a massive result for a college in the very competitive further education sector.


And so, analytics is what confirms our ideas and makes the blood, sweat and tears that bring them to life all worthwhile. No wonder that 50% of our work comes through personal recommendation. If analytics is a forgotten task in your business, let it be the thing that boosts your business results, with help from us.