Social media marketing

It's not just the odd post here and there. Who knew there 
was so much to having fun and interacting online!


Getting social right, from TOV to planning and engagement campaigns, well they can be challenging. 

If it's customer service support and hand holding you need too, then we are there every step of the way. We'll walk you through it, don't worry!

We live in a world that is instant, on-demand and interacts with us via so many digital touch-points at any given time. With mobile devices so accessible, social media is literally in a consumer's hands constantly and we are all exposed to this. Some people choose not to actively take part, however the majority can't live without chatting to friends via their social networks, email, group chats or stories. All this from the moment we peel open our eyes to that instant we shut them again!

Social media content for Lily O’Brien’s, as designed by The Wonderland

With over 4 billion internet users worldwide, it's not hard to believe over 3 billion are active on social media

So many people suffer with FOMO. Who knows how many people are on Facebook whilst sat on the loo in the morning! With over 4 billion internet users worldwide, it's not hard to believe over 3 billion are active on social media with multiple accounts. So not only is this an audience open to be marketed to, there is also an army of people that can be turned into brand advocates, supporters and sharers of a business and of course its products or services.

Social media content for Lily O’Brien’s and Vanilla Reindeer

The marketing landscape is ever changing and with privacy at the forefront of many users' minds, how businesses engage with their audience must also evolve. Sometimes there are marketing channels that are not worth your time or investment. However if you are going to have them, as a business you need to expect that some customers may use it as a channel to gain your attention, particularly if it's an open social media forum for people to have a voice without being seen! With nearly 80% of consumers worldwide using twitter to complain, pushing out quality content is not just what it's all about. If you are going to 'do social' then an agency like us, can help take some of that pain away and manage what comes in, as well as create content that a business would like to share!

Social media campaigns for The Happy Egg Co.
Homepage takeover for Pancake day, as designed by The Wonderland for The Happy Egg Co.
The Happy Egg Co. social media content

A brand can gain kudos sometimes just by how quickly and how well it deals with complainers. This too needs planning and over the years, we've helped shape these elements with brands such as Thorntons, Lily O'Brien's and The Happy Egg Co. 

Once a business's social channels are live, then proactive and reactive content should be part of the strategy, as this will help with building a voice online. These channels are always on, so everything from a link building content strategy for SEO, to help create traffic for your website, through to customer service all needs factoring in. 

Getting eyes on new products, building a database, reviews, influencers and of course sales, can all be part of the social plan. This can also be tracked and reviewed to shape future marketing plans and budgets! So, if it's a video, infographic, game, prize draw or just customer community management, then we will have a plan that can work for you and your customers.