Content marketing

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Content is king, whether it's to show how well a client knows their stuff and can talk effectively about a subject or it's for link building and SEO purposes.

Content is hugely important in capturing an audience, becoming an authority on a subject and climbing those Google rankings.

It doesn't just have to be a written piece however. Infographics and videos are very important and as the world moves on, our hunger for getting information quickly is something that just won't go away. Video creates high engagement rates and if it gets some important info over in 3 seconds that's even better!

We create content for many things and we repurpose content too! So, a blog post may be made into social assets and cut into sections to be used several times or as a teaser for people to go to a website.

Various Citipost Mail infographics about Black Friday and email tips

In addition to what we can do in-house, we work with an SEO partner and PR teams to ensure the right kind of content is created, depending on what we are trying to achieve and the budget we are looking to hit.

Lily O'Brien's, Citipost Mail and The Happy Egg Co. are just a few of the clients we have created all kinds of blog, social and web content for. These posts, infographics, blogs and recipes are visited daily, with old posts still being picked up and viewed now. No matter how old, they are still found. This obviously helps with SEO where a client's website is concerned. Our SEO partner takes care of the out-reach for link building and the correct use of key words.

If we are working with influencers for social content, again we set rules and agree guides so we get as much as we can out of the posts and videos created. Who knew on-going content could be so important? Whilst not everyone reads full blogs, the longer a blog is, the more effective it can be and and more likely to be shared, too.