Video, animation and photography

Amazing imagery, whether static or moving, 
that excites and engages.


Busy lives huh? Eyes glued to the tablet, mobile and your computer!

Yes, we all live in that world, one that is no longer happy with just static images.

Whilst there will always be a need for photography, this is now so accessible for everyone. How proud do we feel at the mobile shots we take that say #nofilter?

The rise of sharing your life online with the likes of Instagram and the need to portray perfection means a brand's product has got to be portrayed flawlessly too. No brand wants to be outdone by its fans who also want to see amazing imagery, static or moving, that excites and engages them. So whilst it's important to create a community that produces its own content (yep we have to mention here influencers and bloggers), we can also create that brand stuff with the wow factor every product, brand or company may need.



At the Wonderland, we are very lucky to have a Director who is a trained, award-winning photographer. It's not lost on us how important photography can be, whether it's for a social campaign, advertising, giving kudos to a website or even a glossy brochure - we have this nailed! And if it's not something we can do in house, we will plan and oversee the art direction of our ideas to get the right shot required. 


Lily O'Brien's campaign and blog photography
Lily O'Brien's campaign and blog photography
Lily O'Brien's campaign and blog photography


Video and animation

Not only can we take great shots, we can create some pretty awesome animations in-house too! We are visionaries, so we can story board an idea, create and produce it, then edit and pull the entire vision together. That's anything from animated infographics or full TV ad campaigns through to inspiring corporate videos. Even if it's a big production we can work with a great network of suppliers, art directing the full project. Oh, and if you need a media plan to roll it out online or on TV, we can help with this too!

And if the budget's not there for a full-scale video, then sometimes simple animation can say so much more and help engage a pair of busy eyes very quickly! It's also a clever way of making complicated information more digestible. Animated infographics are a great way of saying a lot of technical things simply and engaging people that may normally get a little bored! Now we wouldn't want that, would we? (Let's hope you read to the end here!)